The Permaculture Association of South Australia has an extensive range of books for sale at events and quarterly gatherings in Adelaide, covering a wide range of topics relating to sustainable living. PermacultureSA members receive discounts (up to 30% off retail price) on all books. Check out our calendar for upcoming events and come and visit our stall!

The following is a list of current books for sale through PermacultureSA at events and gatherings:

Publication titleAuthorRRPMembers Price  
CDs/ DVDs      
Design for Life – Permaculture : The Food Forest Story DVDAnnemarie & Graham Brookman$29.00$20.001  
Surviving the Crash DVDBill Mollison$25.00$20.001  
Collected Writings and Presentations 1978-2006 CDROMDavid Holmgren$25.00$20.003  
Melliodora: Hepburn Permaculture Gardens 1985-2005 CDROMDavid Holmgren (CD)$25.00$20.001  
Trees on Treeless Plains CDROMDavid Holmgren$25.00$20.002  
Backyard Poultry Naturally (3rd Edition)Alanna Moore$38.50$40.005  
Jackie French’s Chook BookJackie French$22.00$17.005  
Keeping Chickens – An Australian Guide $30.00$23.001  
The New Complete Guide to BeekeepingRoger Morse$25.00$20.001  
Wildlife on FarmsDavid Lindenmayer$35.00$28.003  
Food & Cooking      
How Can I Grow and Use Sprouts as Living Food?Isabell Shiphard$37.00$30.001  
Kitchen Garden Cooking with KidsStephanie Alexander$45.00$36.001  
Natural Tucker Bread BookJohn Downes$20.00$16.001  
The Post-petroleum Survival Guide and CookbookAlbert Bates$34.00$27.001  
The Solar Food DryerEben Fodor$24.00$18.001  
Gardening & Agriculture      
Backyard Aquaponics (with CDROM)Joel Malcolm$115.00$98.001  
BUG – The Ultimate Gardener’s Guide to Organic Pest ControlTim Marshall$30.00$27.001  
Carnivorous PlantsAdrian Slack$45.00$36.001  
Encyclopaedia of Organic GardeningA Rodale Publication$50.00$42.001  
Gardening Down-UnderKevin Handreck$45.00$38.001  
Gardening for Life – The Biodynamic WayMaria Thun$47.00$39.001  
Grasp the NettlePeter Proctor & Gillian Cole$40.00$32.002  
Growing Carnivorous PlantsBarry Rice$45.00$36.001  
Growing Flowers NaturallyJackie French$20.00$16.001  
Organic Control of Household PestsJackie French$16.00$13.001  
Organic Gardening – New revised 7th editionPeter & Gillian Bennett$40.00$30.001  
Perrenial VegetablesEric Toensmeier$35.00$28.001  
Stone Age FarmingAlanna Moore$39.00$30.002  
The Art of the Kitchen GardenJ & M Gertley$45.00$34.001  
The Berry Grower’s CompanionBarbara Bowling$60.00$48.001  
The Complete Book of Fruit Growing in AustraliaLouis Glowinski$55.00$44.001  
The New Organic GardenerTim Marshall$60.00$55.001  
The Rodale Book of CompostingA Rodale Publication$37.00$30.001  
Tropical Food GardensLeonie Norrington$30.00$24.003  
WEED – The Ultimate Gardener’s Guide to Organic Weed ControlTim Marshall$30.00$27.003  
House & Building      
Chemical Free HomeRobin Stewart$20.00$16.003  
Green ArchitectureJames Wines$45.00$36.001  
Forest-Friendly Building TimbersAlan Gray & Anne Hall$10.00$7.002  
Serious Straw BaleLacinski & Bergeron$70.00$58.001  
Straw Bale HomebuildingAn Earth Garden Publication$19.95$15.003  
SwitchJackie French & Bryan Sullivan$22.00$17.003  
The Earth Garden Building BookRobert Rich & Keith Smith$49.00$40.001  
The Earth Garden Water BookAn Earth Garden Publication$20.00$15.002  
The Hand-Sculpted HouseI Evan$60.00$48.001  
The New Complete Book of Self SufficiencyJohn Seymour$60.00$48.001  
The Solar HouseDaniel Chiras$55.00$44.002  
The Straw Bale HouseA Steen$55.00$44.001  
Among the Sepias (poetry)Venie Holmgren$14.00$12.002  
Peasant in January (poetry)Venie Holmgren$11.00$9.002  
Good News for a ChangeDavid Suzuki & Holly Dressel$25.00$20.001  
Secrets of the SoulEli Zaretsky$20.00$16.001  
The Great Book of HempRowan Robinson$40.00$32.001  
The Wisdom of WaterAlanna Moore$33.00$25.001  
A Permaculture Guidebook from East TimorEGM Publication$20.00$17.00  
Future ScenariosDavid Holmgren$17.00$15.001  
Introduction to PermacultureBill Mollison$40.00$32.003  
Permaculture PioneersKerry Dawborn & Caroline Smith$30.00$22.003  
Permaculture Plants: A Selection – 1st EditionJeff Nugent & Julie Boniface$47.00$36.001  
Permaculture Plants: A Selection – 2nd EditionJeff Nugent & Julie Boniface$47.00$36.003  
Permaculture: A Designer’s ManualBill Mollison$115.00$80.002  
Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond SustainabilityDavid Holmgren$38.00$30.006  
The Holisitic Life – Sustainability Through PermacultureIan Lillington$25.00$16.0016  
The Permaculture Home GardenLinda Woodrow$40.00$32.003  

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